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Last September, after Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean islands, some Americans were frustrated, discouraged and deeply angered by how many Puerto Ricans, who are United States Citizens, were ignored and forgotten by the leadership of the Federal Government. After this devastating storm, the wind and rain eventually subside-however, the destruction of Hurricane Maria will resonate for decades. 

More than 120+ days after Maria swept the island of Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, nearly half of its residents — more than 1.5 million people — remain in the dark, and officials are now saying it took almost until now to attempt and restore power to many citizens. Hard-to-reach rural areas will not get power until the end of May — “just in time,” the New York Times noted, “for the 2018 hurricane season.” Lack of power is seen as a significant factor in the higher death rates that occurred after the storm passed, and it continues to pose a danger as Puerto Rico struggles with limited resources, strained health-care services and the worsening of an already-poor economy.

#prayforPR was a powerful hashtag on social media, however, I challenge you to join us and SERVE and VOLUNTEER in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 

Join us March 15th-19th,  for the 3rd Annual #SensabaughMissionMoon as we partner with the global non profit organization @soles4souls to distribute shoes, clothing and other essential items to Puerto Ricans impacted from Hurricane Maria. 

These are our neighbors and fellow citizens who have been forgotten and they deserve better. 



























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Our Story

It is surreal to believe that in two weeks we are traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 to participate in our 3rd Annual #SensabaughMissionMoon.  Our journey with Soles4Souls began in May of 2016 after we decided to forego a traditional honeymoon and requested that our friends and family help us partner with Soles4Souls to distribute shoes to under-resourced children in the Dominican Republic. Now, almost two years later, we have distributed hundreds of pairs of shoes, formed relationships with numerous community leaders abroad in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, and created memories that will last a lifetime serving alongside our loved ones. 

What does it mean to receive a new pair of shoes? For some of us shoes are an abundant resource that is sometimes taken for granted, however, for millions of children and adults across the globe shoes are scarce. In many developing nations walking is the primary mode of transportation, so a pair of shoes keeps people happy, healthy and thriving. To learn more about our upcoming journey visit click #SensabaughMissionMoon

P R E S S P L A Y to my video blog compilation below to learn more about our #SensabaughMissionMoon journey in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.


In Haiti, 2/3 of the labor force don't have formal jobs. Team Sensabaugh met two entrepreneurs who are providing for themselves by starting and sustaining small businesses selling shoes so graciously donated by our volunteers and partners.

Shoe Distributions in Haiti 

the #SensabaughMissionMoon team distributing soccer cleats, jerseys, Soccer balls and other gear to a club in Montrouis, Haiti.

The greatest gift God gives us is the time and resources to serve others.