Tackling Hunger

Tackling Hunger in Haiti 

Last February, during the beginning of my first trimester, many pregnancy symptoms were slowly taking over my daily activities. The most worrisome of them was nausea and my inability to eat or drink. This was the first time in my life that I felt I was suffering from starvation because my body would not allow me to ingest or digest anything substantial for a prolonged amount of time.

While dealing with the agony of severe hunger pains, in combination with the fatigue and stress many new moms feel during this time, one night I broke down and cried. I was literally starving, craving every food imaginable, from watermelon to boiled eggs, and it felt as though I was physically and mentally suffering. I cried, and cried, and cried because I was so hungry and frustrated. 

In this moment, I realized how difficult it must feel for a child to go to bed hungry, or even worse, to be the child's parent and watch them suffer from hunger. Here I am, an adult with extenuating circumstances, yet at the first signs of mild starvation as a result of pregnancy symptoms, I broke down mentally from hunger pains and the discontentment of not knowing when I would be able to enjoy my next meal. 

I thank God for this inspiring and humbling moment. He showed me that although the child I was carrying would never experience extreme poverty on unimaginable levels, millions of children throughout the globe live with this reality daily. 

As a society, although we are bombarded with sights of those starving or impoverished, domestically and abroad, some of us are immune to their suffering and others are inundated with feelings of helplessness. But think, what if we turned this feeling of sadness into triumph? Taking a personal responsibility to help those in need and combat poverty worldwide. 

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”-Barack Obama

OUR MISSION: This year my husband and I dedicate his football season to the people of Haiti. We are partnering with  Food for the Hungry (FH), a non-profit organization founded on Christian principles which over the past four decades, has seeked to end ALL forms of human poverty, by serving vulnerable populations through purposeful relief and development in over 20 countries globally. 


JOIN US: Please join us by donating monetary funds to FH in honor of every point that the Steelers score through the first 8 games of the season (through October 29th) in an effort to provide water security in Haiti and fight poverty. Every $24 (my husband's jersey #) pledged will provide access to water for THREE people. 


WHY HAITI: Haiti remains among the poorest and most unequal countries in Latin America with over half of Haitian citizens living without access to sanitation, housing, education and and employment opportunities.  My husband and I have visited and participated in mission work in Haiti multiple times and we are in awe by the determination and resilience of the Haitian people. 

WATER Project (GOAL = $17,882)

  • Location: Mateguasse, Haiti - a town in the mountain region of Belladere, right on the DR border.
  • Project: FH is currently building a school in this community. The plan is to capture spring water in the hills above and pipe it to the school, build a reservoir and distribution system for the whole community.
  • Impact: Approximately 2,800 people. 200 school children and 400+ families will be served by this project.  Getting water closer to homes and eliminating the time consuming and treacherous quest for a water source makes HUGE difference in this community and this will be a big step toward combating poverty in this area.

For more information about our work with Food for the Hungry and how you can join our PledgeIt Campaign CLICK HERE