In life, there are pivotal moments that truly change the trajectory of destiny. Moments that propel us to greatness. For me, this experience occurred during my time living in Nashville, Tennessee. I was green, fresh out of college, trying to navigate life and find the answers to “my purpose.” It was a time when I not only grew as an individual but a time where I evolved as a woman.

Nashville is a gem. It is a big, small town where your friends and family reside within a city rich in history yet infused with modern southern charm. The people care about one another deeply and the spirit of philanthropy exists in every thread of the culture. It is where I found my voice and where I realized that a heart for serving others would take me further than I could ever dream. It is where I grew up and where my spouse and I evolved spiritually into the leaders, philanthropists, and servants that we have become.

Nashville is notorious for phenomenal restaurants, great people, and positive vibes.

During my most recent visit, we visited spaces that are uniquely Nashville and infused with a rich history like Woolworth on 5th where civil rights legend and Congressman John Lewis was once arrested for protesting inequality. We spoke with an artist who thrives on the love expressed through visual and vocal artistry. We toured the beautiful and serene home of world traveling- philanthropists who designed their alluring home alongside Radnor Park to house an art gallery and host philanthropic events. We met with a Criminal Defense Attorney who has challenged the corrupt criminal justice system and fights for those in Davidson County to have equal rights throughout the judicial system.

We ate and ate (and ate!) at Slim & Husky’s, the pizza shop with its delicious recipes and its brilliant founders who are redefining how entrepreneurs impact their community. We met with beautiful lifestyle entrepreneurs who travel the country tasting the most unique cuisine. We sat down with a female boss changing the landscape of the role of a VP of Global Marketing at a major corporation. We caught a vibe with a social entrepreneur who used her struggle with anxiety and depression to spark her interest in exploring the city, and we met with educators who are transforming a culture by changing the mindset of how we educate our youth.

One thing that each of these Nashvillians has in common is their will to transcend the odds and motivate the masses by making their lives about more than themselves.

It is a place where I will forever call home, a place where I feel loved and I feel inspired.

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"Nashville- The Culture, Cuisine & Curators"

Welcome to the home of my rebirth, Welcome to Nashville.  

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Edited by Joy Davis

Beautiful Photo by  Lavish Moments Photography

Beautiful Photo by Lavish Moments Photography