Jack of all Tastes

“A woman who walks with purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her!”

— Dr. Farrah Gray

Beautiful Photo by Lavish Moments Photography

Beautiful Photo by Lavish Moments Photography

I would be remiss to come to music city where the food is “lick your plate” delicious and not eat myself to a state of complete satisfaction or not interview the Queen of discovering all things delicious. Meet Jackie Long.  A beautiful wife and mom to two amazing little girls. She takes pride in leading by example and giving them a tangible blueprint to aspire and live up too! When she is not curating concepts or filming 14-16 hour days for her show, “Jack of all Taste,” which was featured on Amazon Prime, she is committed to living a life that her daughters can feel empowered.

Being a mother gives you insurmountable strength. Jackie is a prime example of a woman who is as excited about her own success as she is about the little things that she is teaching her children. Small wins to her are knowing that her girls understand their power. She is passionate about helping them see how this level of intuitiveness can positively impact their lives. As a mother and a woman, teaching them that something as simple as saying “please and thank you” will take you further than one could ever imagine.


DS: What is it like being a momprenuer and curator of your own show? How does it feel to know you are motivating the masses to tap into their potential and take action towards achieving their dreams?

JL: I take a lot of pride in being a momprenuer and having my own show. This journey started long before I even dreamed of having children so to see it come to life after having two kids was something I could never have imagined. As a mother, I want to always encourage my daughters to work hard and put their mind, energies, and efforts into something that is fulfilling personally, professionally, and is bigger than just themselves. Knowing that my show might inspire someone else to chase and achieve their dreams is such a gift. It’s not all wine and roses though and that is what has built the most character for me. There were so many roadblocks and so many “no’s” that had to be powered through or overcome. It wasn’t easy at the beginning and it isn’t easier now. It’s just different. The dream is always evolving and it’s my job to stick with it as it develops so I can be a part of the ride!


DS: What was your “ah ha moment?” This moment is defined as a time when you realized your purpose or a moment where you realized that you could make a living pursuing your passion.

JL: I think my “ah ha” moment(s) came in the early days of filming the first season of Jack of All Tastes. I remember being so excited about going to sleep the night before filming that I got to wake up and go to work on MY. OWN. SHOW. It was such a surreal feeling. The whole process had taken years and I was finally in hair and makeup prepping for a day of filming and I just remember laughing and smiling thinking, “Wow, it’s really happening!” Each day on set was like that. It wasn’t all easy, though. It was actually way more work than I thought it would be! I always pictured having fun eating and talking to interesting people and then the cameras would turn off and that would be it! Boy, was I underestimating it! The day started before the sun came up and ended well after the sunset. Shoot days were sometimes 14-16 hours long but at the end of every day, even though I was exhausted, I felt so happy and fulfilled because my dream had become a reality and the crew that I had the privilege to work with was amazing.

DS: What advice do you have for young people (especially women) aspiring to achieve similar career and personal goals as yourself? Or what words of wisdom would you provide to individuals that want to break barriers and achieve greatness?



When the opportunity presents itself you better be the one who is prepared to move and make things happen, because no one is going to wait for you. Be ready with ideas, be ready to put the time in, be ready to work hard and make sacrifices. If you aren’t ready your chance might pass you by.


Very few things just fall into place when you are in the business of making your dreams happen. Accept criticism and grow from it. Don’t let it consume you. Rejection happens. It is how you move forward from it that defines you. If you fall, get back up and try again. Behind every singular success is a handful (or more) of failures.


See the good in yourself, in others, and what is around you. Beauty is surrounding us at every turn, we just have to see it and acknowledge it to let it in and enjoy. If you are happy and can see the beauty in life it will be contagious to the people around you and everything and everyone works better when they are happy.


DS: Jack of all Tastes has just finished its first season premiering on Amazon. How did you balance motherhood while filming and traveling?

JL: Well, I only had one child at the time we filmed season 1 so the balancing was mainly on my husband and both of our moms flew in occasionally to be an extra set of hands while I was away. I was gone for 4 or 5 days at a time over six weeks so we’d FaceTime a lot and send pictures. I also cherished the alone time I had in the hotel room at the end of the day. Mama needed a quiet empty room and a big bed all to herself after work! Lol!

DS: What are some ways that women can collaborate and not compete?

JL: Just support one another!! Stop tearing each other down and thinking there isn’t enough to go around! Once we finally realize that there isn’t a shortage or a finite amount of happiness or success it’s easy to share the room at the top.


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Edited by Joy Davis

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