Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & God Bless


This time with Marri is so special. Although this is his second Christmas and he is actually able to take part in many of the festivities, it is sort of bittersweet for me. While we are excitedly welcoming an amazing little blessing to our next April, I feel a little sad sometimes thinking that I did not have more one on one time with my little sharkman. I know this is a common feeling for many moms who have consecutive children back to back. But, the blessing is that our family is growing every day and because of this, I take the time to squeeze and hug my baby (soon to be eldest son!) as much as possible.


While society is telling us to shop every sale, deal, and doorbuster—the holidays are truly a time to sit back and love on those who love us. A time to slow down and relax, embrace the moments and show gratitude for thriving through another year.

I challenge you in the midst of the chaos, the BOGO’S and viral videos of a cat in a Santa outfit, take time to love on those who need you and love you back. Spend time with those who appreciate our company and genuinely cherish every moment! Time and great company, are the two greatest gifts.