Seasons Greetings

To write is human, to receive a letter: Devine! 
~Susan Lendroth

Beautiful Photo by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photo by @shotbyKmarie

Ah, the beloved Christmas card. Something we simultaneously dread and adore only because we spend months contemplating ideas for the perfect card. I love a gorgeous Christmas card and just as much as I love to send them, I love to receive one. The joy of being able to gradually watch our friends and family grow and thrive throughout each Holiday Season is exciting.

Confession, I started my card idea/designs in July! So, how is that I still struggle to order, address and get them out by December 31–every-single-year? I really made it a priority to not only send my cards out in time but to make sure I added an extra special touch of love (glitter) for our loved ones.

Need help creating the perfect card this year? Take heed to my foolproof top 3 Christmas card to-do. I promise this will help you enjoy the process.

1. Creativity-Get creative with your card! Who says you have to have the traditional look of everyone dressed in stuffy dress attire posing in front of the tree with constipated forced smiles?  Do a Christmas in July theme or even hire an illustrator to draw the family to make your card design interesting and amazing. I love using @EmmaKennyillustrations for my Christmas card designs. Whatever you decide for your card design, make it fun and exciting.

Beautiful Photo by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photo by @shotbyKmarie

2. Adhere to a budget- Who knew you could break the bank on Christmas cards ordering lux, overpriced cards as if they were invitations to the royal wedding? Do NOT make this costly mistake! Sadly, unless it’s your great aunt or grandma, some people will end up throwing your card away and that’s ok. Be mindful of expensive packaging and envelopes. Use inexpensive stickers, embellishments or stamps to spruce up a regular white envelope. You can still create a beautiful card with a reasonable price point.

3. Fur Babies are essential-Don’t forget to include your fur baby in the photos. This is a given because forgetting the family pet is a cardinal sin.

Need a great website to design and print your cards? Visit my any of the sites listed below for a great deal and an extremely unique card.

Artifact Uprising- I recently discovered this unique site that to me is a hybrid or minted and Shutterfly. They have great designs that are creative and can add flair to your Holiday Card.

Shutterfly- Are gold foil and scalloped edges your thing? Then Shutterfly is your site. Their stationary is beautiful and affordable especially when they run holiday specials throughout the season. Right now take advantages of their endless sales, free shipping, and freebies throughout the Holiday Season.

Evite- Always a great option for that tech-savvy individual that do not care to address an envelope or purchase holiday stamps. Evite is an easy way to send holiday joy and cheer right to your loved one's inbox. It also is great for the eco-friendly card giver—saving trees and time.

VistaPrint- Want to save money, and get a unique card that is simple and chic? Visit this affordable, online, e-commerce option. I love vista print because they offer simple designs, affordable prices, and free shipping on many of their orders.

Whatever you decide to pursue for your Holiday stationary, just remember it truly is the thought that counts. And your card will bring a little ounce of joy to each loved one you send it to.

Happy Mailing and Merry Christmas

Edited by Joy Davis

Beautiful Photo by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photo by @shotbyKmarie