Be Mine

“There are pleasures to be found where you would never look for them” -Marilyne Robinson

Romantic love isn’t the only love we have to celebrate—

How about the love for our children, a dozen chocolate chip cookies or a valentines day card sprinkled with glitter? 

How about the love for our parents, sending mom flowers and sweets (& not just on Valentine’s Day)?

Or the love we have for a best friend or sibling? There is nothing like an amazing friend to share life’s ups and downs.

Or self ❤ love. Loving yourself for overcoming your fears, making progress towards a goal, falling in love with your body, mind and soul. 

And of course, how about the love we have for another person, a soulmate, someone you have been blessed to share your entire world with. 

There is so much LOVE to share in these next few weeks! Don’t miss your opportunity. 



Edited by Joy Davis

Beautiful Photo by @shotbyKMarie

Beautiful Photo by @shotbyKMarie