My strategy is simple. I believe in winning. I believe that passion is the precursor to power."-Joy Davis

Beautiful Photos captured by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photos captured by @shotbyKmarie

When you are a workaholic who thrives off of success and taking advantage of amazing opportunities, it is a rare and sacred gift when you meet someone who is equally as addicted to working and succeeding as you are. When this happens, you hold onto that person and with them, you elevate into the next dimensions of your success. When I met Joy Davis, CEO of The Firm Management, we were both working for another business entity, however, I immediately remember my attraction and respect for her persistent work ethic and drive. As a perfectionist who tries my hardest to deliver everything I produce at an extremely high level, I remember Joy was equally as adamant about performing on this level as well. I was confident that this combined passion for perfection would birth a remarkable partnership.

Working with her in building the Dominique Sensabaugh Lifestyle Brand (DSLB, as we have coined it) has been a dream. We have challenged each other to grow both professionally and creatively to reach new heights and pursue our wildest dreams. As women, sometimes we feel that we must apologize for being addicted to work, however with Joy, it only feels like “iron sharpens iron.” We regularly burn the midnight oil, plow through my business goals and she pushes me to continue to strive for exactly what I want yet, more importantly, what I deserve. Whether it is helping me to perfect my writing voice on my blog, partnering with me as I write a speech to present in front of an audience at FOX Theater, creatively co-directing my photo shoots or connecting me with mutually beneficial partnerships—the exchange of value is why we win and win TOGETHER.

As I embark into 2019, the only thing I can say is, “get ready”- get ready for the amazing entities that the DSLB will produce. Get ready to see and experience the fruits that this entity will continue to create.

I want you to meet the woman who has inspired me to work unapologetically harder and to claim the value that I have in the creative and #girlboss spaces. The woman who forced me to learn my worth and to demand that I am seen, respected, and compensated for the value I bring to the entrepreneurial and philanthropic worlds. The woman who has encouraged me to be different. Not everyone grows at the same rate and with the same water but, this woman has invested in me and I in The Firm. She believes in my success. Genuinely believes in who I am as a world citizen, game changer, mission maker and boss babe.

Meet the CEO of The Firm, Joy Davis.

Beautiful Photos captured by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photos captured by @shotbyKmarie

DS: What motivated you to launch The Firm? How does it feel to know you are motivating the masses (especially women) to tap into their potential and take action towards achieving their dreams?

JD: The Firm was built to become an empire. I wanted to create a company that lives, breathes and exudes confidence and success. My goal is to cultivate a level of excellence that will birth a legacy not only for myself but, for every power player that aligns themselves with our vision.

I believe that women, specifically, are the most powerful force both individually and collectively. Often times, we tell one another that the “level up” means we must tear each other apart to win, to expose one another’s inadequacies for sport, to alienate instead of embrace and perpetuate the notion that there is not room at the table for each of us.

I have built a company that will leave a sustainable blueprint for women, in particular, to see their wildest dreams manifested. Dreams are powerful if given a platform to transform into reality. I believe firmly that “if God be for you, who can be against you?”

I am honored that I have the most amazing clients, partners and business relationships that trust me with their goals and see the vision and value of The Firm. It isn’t always easy and at times, my life is exhausting but, I have to stay in the game and keep winning even after the lights are off. Some days, this means I take calls past midnight or I work before the sun comes up but, I’ll do it, because seeing my clients succeed gives me the greatest joy.

Beautiful Photos captured by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photos captured by @shotbyKmarie

DS: What was your “ah ha moment?” This moment is defined as a time when you realized your purpose or a moment where you realized that you could make a living pursuing your passion.

JD: For years, I hustled to make other companies successful. I lost time with my family and missed moments with my son that were valuable to me. Throughout my career, I have worked for luxury retailers like Tory Burch and Michael Kors, in the demanding world of professional sports with the Charlotte Bobcats (now, Hornets) as well as created companies from startup to profitability with a venture capitalist who then became my first business partner. While all of these entities taught me how to become multi-faceted; they caused me to miss time with my family. That is when I realized my true value, true power. I was working harder than the CEO but, missing my child’s soccer practice. I knew that it was beyond time to invest in myself and my business in a larger capacity than I had done in my entrepreneurial efforts before. In 2014, I became the Managing Partner at a company my husband created, Transition Player Development. In 2015, a friend introduced me to a client and one door opened after the other. As I sit in 2018, having created my newest entity, The Firm—I know the best is yet to come.

DS: What are some of your greatest successes and challenges as a consultant and business manager? How do your clients motivate you? What fuels your work ethic?

JD: Some of my greatest successes happen when I connect a client (an entrepreneur) to an investor and the investor makes the decision to financially take their vision to the next level. This division of The Firm is the most magical. It is the ultimate partnership. It allows me the opportunity to buy in so I am diversifying my portfolio while watching my client’s dreams manifest. I am also incredibly passionate about providing a sales and service training/platform for my clients (and their team) who are in the small business or commercial space. My client’s belief in what The Firm can do for their company motivates me. It is an exchange of value-a partnership. When I win, they win.

Yet, where there are wins, there are setbacks. These are tough and I try to minimize them at every turn. That being said, my greatest challenge lies in the ability to balance my company with the other relationships in my life. This is incredibly hard for a driven Alpha woman such as myself. Because of this, my relationships require a great deal of grace because I am often focused on a number of different items at the same time. I was able to expand our team this year and scaling enabled me to bring on a dynamic young woman (stole her from a Fortune 500 company!) who I know will take our Business Development division to the next level. She is amazing and has been God’s gift to our company and my work/life.

Even with support, my work ethic is probably more intense than I would like to admit. As a girl, I watched and learned from my mother as she displayed an impeccable commitment to her career. She did so in a way that only the highest caliber of woman would respect. But in recent years, it has been my husband who has tenaciously taught me the power of grit. He showed me how to be selfish with what sustains me. With confidence, one learns that her time and value should always be of considerable worth. Experience has motivated me to become laser focused and taught me to control what I can control. Aristotle once said that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excel- lence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.” I may not hit every ball out of the park but, I will continue swinging the bat until I have gotten it behind the clouds. I believe in working while others sleep. My business excites me, it makes me happy and it makes me proud.

Beautiful Photos captured by  @shotbyKmarie

Beautiful Photos captured by @shotbyKmarie

DS: How do you define what it means to leave a legacy?

JD: Legacy is power. It is love. It is truth. It is my WHY. Maya Angelou said it most eloquently and most powerfully- “people will forget what you said, forget what you do but, will not forget how you make them feel.” That is my legacy. I want to leave behind not only for my son but, for the world, the chapters to my story that will motivate you to make all of your dreams come true. I define legacy in the same way I have defined my life—it is the culmination of fortitude, ambition and passion.

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