A Letter to My King

Dear Coty,

Today, I celebrate you! You are the greatest doggy dad in the world and this September you will hold and forever love our first human son, Jamaar Paul Brian Sensabaugh. 

God allowed us to create this child out of unconditional love. A child, that healed two broken souls, a child that brought so much joy in unspeakable ways.

I pray everyday that our son is like his father, because if he is anything like you, he will be kind, considerate, loving, well-mannered, handsome and just downright cool. 

I know that when Jamaar is with you he will walk around in a pamper, T-shirt, and flip flops. I know that he will eat eggs, oatmeal, honey buns, donut sticks, fruit snacks, and a plethora of healthy takeout options. I know that he will be the perfect little gentlemen, holding doors for all of the ladies and helping them with their bags at the airport. 

Finally, I know that he will be faithful to Christ, committed, strong, resilient, and extremely competitive with a slight hint of stubborn. 

I know that he will be all of these amazing things because you are his father and you will teach him and lead by example. Thank you for making me a Milfing mom and thank you for the amazing dad that you will be to our son. 

Happy Father's Day King,

Love Domy, CJ, and JPB