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"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." —Miuccia Prada



Her presence resonates a #bossbabe entrepreneur. Her style, chic glam with a hint of West Coast flair. Her heart, limitless and dedicated to serving those who need her. Meet the founder of Urban Skin Rx, Rachel Roff. Grateful to have her as a mentor who pours into me savvy business expertise- but I am even more honored to call her my friend. This California native brings a fresh, upscale vibe to any room she enters, and her sexy, and sophisticated demeanor transcends across her brand. 

Since a young age, her passion for creating has been evident. Coming from a long line of hard working entrepreneurs, it is no wonder why Rachel’s skin care line has had budding success nationwide. Her exploding brand and business in skincare, is a by-product of her unwavering passion and business acumen.

What I love most about Rachel, is her heart to serve and empower others. Through her med spa Urban Skin solutions and her skin care line Urban Skin Rx, this skincare expert-created QUALITY products that catered to the beautification of multiple diverse skin tones. 


Let’s rewind to the catalyst of the creation Urban Skin Rx empire? During her initial years of studying to become an esthetician, Rachel noticed the lack of products and skin care techniques that catered to the darker skin tones of her diverse family and friends. This lack of acknowledgment for ethnic skin care needs by big brands inspired Rachel to create the powerhouse Urban Skin Rx. Her uber-chic med spa Urban Skin Solutions, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, with its upscale vibe, is serving hundreds of clientele daily. 

Her products work. PERIOD. During both pregnancies, I suffered from severe pregnancy acne. The difference with carrying baby Journei, from Marri, at about 5 months pregnant I had an intimate sit down with Rachel for a skin consult and how I can improve my complexion and achieve the Urban Skin signature glow. 


Everyone I encounter that uses her products rave about the results and their satisfaction. This is why I become annoyed and frustrated by “internet trolls” and “finger gangsters” that attempt to bad talk Rachel — a white woman — because she created a product line that catered to these needs of minority skin tones. During the Miami Edition of Convos with Claire, the Fashion Bomb Daily mogul allowed audience members to ask questions to each panelist. I eagerly raised my hand and addressed the elephant in the room that Rachel frequently encounters. I asked, why did she name her skincare line Urban Skin Rx? Rachel's response-so elegant and direct was, “People do not give the retailer Urban Outfitters slack for the name “Urban,” so why do I receive negative feedback from Urban Skin Rx? I created my company to serve a wide range of minority skin tones to benefit the women and men of a broad range of ethnicities. I created quality products that work for skin tones that have historically been ignored. The word Urban refers to diversity and inclusion for all” 

As a sponsor of the Convos with Claire series, Rachel is investing in the growth and empowerment of diverse communities. She is pouring into entrepreneurs that are working to see their dreams come to fruition. As she and the other amazing panelist took the stage I eagerly took note of the gems they were sharing.


Three Gems from Rachel Roff

  1. No short cuts- Hard work and dedication are essential components for success.

  2. Surround yourself with talented individuals to help your mission thrive.

  3. Provide quality products and amazing customer care to your consumers and they will forever be loyal.

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Her presence resonates authority and grace. Her style, fierce with pure glam, and her demeanor, humble and inviting. During the Miami Edition of Convos with Claire, this kind-hearted southern gem reflected on how she was just a girl from Stone Mountain Georgia-dedicated to her passion for fashion and representing communities of entrepreneurs that look like her.

FBD Group .jpg

The Harvard grad has redefined what it means to document the ultimate slay. Over a decade ago, Claire created Fashion Bomb Daily because of the lack of diversity in major publications and online sources for multicultural fashion. This journalist love for documenting the unique styles of beautiful, diverse women and men, birthed the number one online destination for global chic seekers with a penchant for all things fabulous.

Readers log on to her site for its fresh take on fashion news and stories, along with its boutique spotlights, exclusive editorials, magazine scans, fashion show reviews, trends, wardrobe advice, celebrity looks for less, and tips on how to break into the industry from the best in the business.


Fashion Bomb Daily covers the famous high-end designers, like Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, etc. but this highly coveted site is also the place where you can discover new talent in the fashion industry. Many up and coming designers utilize her platform for advertisement and exposure.

The nationwide tour Convos with Claire is Claire's method of giving back to the community of creators and entrepreneurs. By providing an exquisite experience to sit down with powerful and dynamic men and women, that deliver candid advice on how to conquer fears and pursue a passion. This series creates a mentor network for those who want to enter the fashion industry. There is nothing more appealing as a boss babe that aspires to inspires and reach back and elevate others while she ascends to new heights in this industry. 

Three Gems from Claire Sulmers

1. Never accept "no" for an answer. If denied a seat at the table, build your own table.

2. Make it your business to serve others. Reach while you climb.

3. Always, always embrace the slay.


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Her presence resounds royalty. Her style parallels that of a queen walking to a throne, her smile, genuine, and her laugh, infectious. Ever since the first season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami, it is not hard to understand why this bold Latina, Amara La Negra, with her glowing mahogany-skin-was created to be a star. During convos with Claire, the Fashion Bomb daily guru jointly interviewed Amara and world-renowned musician and producer Rico Love. Rico was inspiring. He challenge you to dig deeper and work harder. The both dropped gems about how they thrive in the music industry and life lessons of overcoming adversity. What I loved about Amara and Rico is how they transparently shared their journey which truly inspired resonated with everyone. 

Three Gems from Rico & Amara

  1. In life, you will disappoint people. Accept this fact and keep moving forward.

  2. Make time for what is important. Love on your family members, travel the world, read books, and invest in your self-growth. (Rico Love)

  3. Team no sleep (Amara) & Take time to rest a recharge (Rico Love)

Overall if you have the opportunity to attend one of these fabulous Convos with Claire, it is definitely worth investing your time. I was a little nervous about my attire because, as a mom of two babies under two, my body has undergone many changes. Just shy of 12 weeks of giving birth to Journei, finding clothes that flatter my curves is sometimes challenging. For this event, I chose a Versace dress with accents of gold. I also had fun with my massive blond bun and pink Gucci shades to add to the South Florida flavor. I was honored to grace the event with my beautiful face, beat to the God's by my friend, make-up guru and gorgeous make-up artist Nicole Gilchrist. There is nothing more exhilarating than dressing up and having a sexy mommy moment.

To see more footage from Convos with Clair Miami Edition visit her site Fashion Bomb Daily.