I DO, Forever

I DO, Forever  

Before my wedding day, I was told by a wise soul that EVERY Bride has an intangible glow and aura that is unmatched by anyone around her. After reflecting on my amazing wedding extravaganza, I have decided that that statement is so true. Every bride, and groom, will resonate an unparalleled beauty on their special day. To protect each moment that you spend glowing on your special day, listed below are a few tips to help you maintain your sanity and capture the beauty of this amazing experience, called your wedding day. 


Your wedding day is one of the few times in life where it is acceptable to be absolutely and completely selfish. On this day, the only people in the world that matter are you and your spouse. Do not get caught in trying to please everyone. This is your day, so live it to the fullest and just worry about yourself and your spouse. Dance, drink, eat, drink some more, laugh, change clothes, do Beyonce inspired choreographed dances for your spouse, and drink some more. 


For months and sometimes years-I had a 16 month engagement, you and your spouse DILIGENTLY plan this unforgettable event. However, your months of planning must fit into a small window of time that goes by so, so, so fast. Take a few moments throughout your wedding day to just breath and soak in everything that is happening around you. The sights, sounds, smells, EVERYTHING that is happening around you. It will amaze you how taking time to slow down and take it all in will help you embrace the beauty of whats happening. 


Outside of having an amazing wedding planner, great DJ, and awesome officiant- all of which I thought were great at my wedding, photo and video are the most important aspect of your wedding. Trust me, you will forget many things that happen on this day but with quality video and photos every memory can easily be re-lived. My wedding photographers Jesus & Martha Ramirez beautifully captured every precious moment and the stunning decor of our wedding. I also took additional bridal photos and engagement photos with phenomenal photographer Bill DeJesus just to embrace how gorgeous I felt in my wedding gown. Do NOT skimp on the photo and video, it is the only way you can have priceless memories of your special day! 


The Sensabaugh Wedding was designed and planned by John & Tiffany Cook of TCE Events

A wedding day highlight of the nuptials between Dominique Jordan and Coty Sensabaugh of the NY Giants. A beautiful and exciting wedding in Atlanta, Georgia. Coordinated by celebrity and NFL event planner Tiffany Cook! primedesignfilms.com/ tiffanycookevents.com/ udsphoto.com/
Beautiful Photo by  Bill DeJesus

Beautiful Photo by Bill DeJesus