Dominique Sensabaugh
Dominique Sensabaugh
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1. the action of the DSLB working with someone prolific to produce #greatness

"Dominique Sensabaugh created a beautiful in collaboration with some amazing brands"

  • something produced or created by collaboration.

    "her recent blog post was a collaboration with beauty and grace"

Beautiful Photo by Lavish Moments Photography 

Beautiful Photo by Lavish Moments Photography 


Storkkd helps parents travel lighter and save your sanity. You create your custom bundle of baby or toddler care essentials and they coordinate with your destination to guarantee that your littles receive the diapers, wipes, soaps and creams that they need, wherever they need. Forget the chore of having to organize, pack and lug all the necessary baby care items and focus on enjoying your time and your travels. Now, I can order a Storkkd bundle and have the items delivered to our location just as we arrive. You can experience all of the same goodness by using my offer code, my gift to you, enter "NAMASTE" on the website for 20% off your purchase. 

Bebe Au Lait 

With us having daily swim lessons, Marri and I needed cool yet functional pool gear and swim accessories. Bebe Au Lait has the cutest and softest towels and musulini blankets to dry my little shark when he enters and exits the water. Check out my sharkman in his tropical pineapples in jade green and burnt orange on the classic white muslin. Made of premium muslin cotton, this generously sized, luxuriously soft, muslin blanket keeps your little one warm without overheating and is gentle on your child's skin. The fun yet sophisticated designs and ample coverage make this the perfect baby blanket or toddler blanket and even adults will make good use of it during snuggle time.

Ironically and as fate would have it, my sharkman's two top teeth broke through over the summer. The bandana bib was perfect to catch my little teether's drool or simply style up an outfit! 
If he needed a quick snack after swim class then I could wrap a bib around his neck and bon appetit'- a life saver. The quality was awesome and I can attest to this as we washed his shark towel every two days for his daily swim class. It didn't alter the material and it remained as exquisite as his sweet soft baby skin.  



Creative Amme 

One of the major components of a fantastic celebration space is a cool focal point for your party. To create my focal point magic, I partnered with a phenomenal company owned by a husband and wife team who built a business that specializes in curating “pretty little things.” Their daughter Emma is the influence behind the desire to create adorable trinkets, creative masterpieces and the name of the company, Creative AmmeMy custom Marri sign that Creative Amme designed and produced for Marri’s first birthday was perfection. It can be used for future tablescapes or a decor element in his nursery.  They have every amazing concept under the sun! From custom woodwork to acrylic masterpieces to metallic nameplates and more, Creative Amme has elegant and unforgettable pieces to elevate your tablescape and party to a new level. 

For more party inspiration or to order an amazingly beautiful item for your next event, visit the Creative Amme website today! USE MY CODE- "marri10" and tell them Dominique Sensabaugh Lifestyle Brand sent you! For more creative inspiration visit the Creative Amme Website  or follow them on social.